We have a car-free Buitengoed. 
Upon arrival and departure, the car is allowed to the pitch or accommodation for loading and unloading the car and placing and picking up the camping equipment. After this, the car can be parked at P2 or P3.

Drive SLOWLY. Be alert to playing children who may unexpectedly cross the road.

Leaving for the day? The barrier opens until 22:00 on license plate, so you can drive to the parking lot. 
Heavy stuff? You can grab a wagon from reception to transport it to your camping spot.

Are you staying in accommodation?
Then you may drive to your accommodation upon arrival and departure to load and unload the car. After this, the car can be placed on one of the parking lots.

Do you have a seasonal pitch? 
Then during the build-up period (first three weeks of the season, and the breakdown period, last three weeks of the season) you may drive to your pitch for loading and unloading the car.

Comfort pitch or accommodation incl. parking space?
Upon arrival and departure, you may drive your car to your pitch. Furthermore, during your stay you have a permanent parking space on P3 and you can use a wagon if you need to transport your belongings.